Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Moroccan Spiced Turkey Burger with Slaw

So, this week it was BurgerGirl's turn. I chose to do something a little lighter than last week's selection. This is a Rachel Ray recipe that I clipped from a magazine.

The Process

I really didn't change anything with this recipe. I made 3/4 of it simply because of the size of the packages of meat that I bought, so I just cut everything accordingly, making 6 patties instead of 8. I used a grill pan as opposed to a grill.

I made the slaw first, but it did not sit for more that half an hour. I'll have to see tomorrow how it is after sitting over night. I have to say, I enjoyed the crunch.

The Verdict

There's just no getting around it...turkey is dry. The great thing about this recipe is that the slaw provides much needed moisture and, as BurgerBoy commented, almost gives the illusion of a "juicy burger". The patties are fragrant and tasty, another thing difficult to achieve with turkey. As I mentioned before, the slaw has a nice crunch, sure to be softened with tomorrows leftovers, but we'll see. I used a "hot" mango chutney and the spiciness was a welcome addition. The pitas I bought were whole wheat and "thin" making them lower carb and higher in fiber. All in all, not a bad burger. Fantastic for a healthy meal (I served them with homemade oven baked fries) and sure to be a hit with anyone who loves a variety of spices.

Final Verdict

BurgerBoy 4 sesame seeds out of 5

BurgerGirl 3 sesame seeds out of 5

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  1. Just had some leftovers for lunch. I'd say it was as good as last night. I always have issues with pitas staying fresh for lunch, so my pita was a bit stale and hard to open. You were right about the coleslaw.. it wasn't as crunchy, but man did the heat ever build up over night. The flavour in the patty itself really intensified. Super good. (I gave up free pizza for it!)

    Aside: the completed pic looks kind of funny ... it looks like a flying saucer or something. But when you hold it, you can fold up the sides, and then it looks closer to the pic from the recipe.